The Lockdown Reads.

Lockdown – The sun is shining, it’s 25 plus outside, you can’t leave the house unless it’s for your daily exercise or essential travel. What do you do? Head for the costa del back garden (if your lucky enough to have one) with a good book. This has been my entire life during lockdown. Let’s …

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An event of the past…..

Once upon a weekend years ago Bertie Basset floated above Southampton Common…. ok your probably thinking “what is she talking about?” If you do know humor me please, then hopefully you’ll know what today’s post is about, for those of you that don’t, it’s a part of Southampton’s history many of us miss, I for …

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Hello, the world

Admittedly the corniest title for a post I have ever come up with, but I heard Hi-De-Hi’s Peggy in my head and it just sang out to me, I do love that series. The names Diana and welcome to my little corner of the internet, I come from the south coast of England and it …

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About Me

Hey there I’m Diana, a 26 year old blogger from the South Coast with a love for Travel, Gin and our furry feline friends.

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